Are you getting ready to replace your home’s outdated windows, or to add the perfect frames to your newly-constructed house? Before consulting with your Northbrook roofers and window installation professionals to discuss window styles, you may want to take a look at some of the hottest models popping up in design magazines these days. Let’s take a look at the 5 most popular window styles:


This popular window style features a swinging window that opens outwards thanks to discreet hinges placed on the sides. Most casement styles are either opened using a handle or with a crank, both of which allow them to open completely to the outside.


The hopper window, which is also referred to as an “awning” window is hinged at the top or at the bottom, allowing it to open outwards. They are an excellent window choice for rooms that need ventilation but not a lot of significant air flow, such as a basement or bathroom.


Louvered windows are made up of several individual pieces of glass that tilt outwards with help from a level in order to let air flow into a room. While this window style is featured on this top five list, it’s important to note that it is one of the less energy-efficient window types and poses several security risks.


As you may be able to predict given their name, sliding windows move horizontally thanks to specially-crafted sashes that are placed inside the window frame. You can choose from both single-sliding windows and double-sliding when selecting this window style for your home.

Double or Single Hung

Single hung windows are one of the most traditional window styles available and allow a bottom sash to slide upwards while the top half remains stationary. Double hung windows allow you to open both sashes in order to maximize air flow.

If you could use a helping hand picking out the right window styles for your home remodeling project, then set up a consultation with the team at Apex Exteriors. We have over 30 years of experience assisting Illinois and Wisconsin homeowners with their window installation needs. To learn more about the services that we offer, call us today at (888) 884-1328.

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