The traditional home has a pitched roof that adds to its aesthetic appeal and keeps rain and snow from collecting in a damaging way, thanks to its angled design. While pitched roofs do have their advantages, there are also several reasons why you may elect to install a flat roof on your home or business instead. The benefits of flat roofs include:


In comparison to pitched roofs, flat roofs are easy to install. Ease of installation, combined with the fact that flat roofs have smaller surface areas and thus require fewer materials than pitched roofs, makes them cheaper than their sloped counterparts.

Ease of Maintenance

Flat roofs may require more frequent cleanings than pitched roofs do, but they are also easier to clean. A flat roof that is made of concrete can be pressure washed in much the same way as a concrete driveway, and a thorough pressure washing will clear away most dirt and grime buildup.

Heat Conservation

In the wintertime, flat roofs offer two distinct heat-related advantages. They generally have less air space that needs heating, and they absorb and distribute heat from the sun more efficiently.


By definition, a roof is supposed to cover the upper level of a building and shield that building’s interior from the elements. Pitched and flat roofs both offer this protection, but unlike pitched roofs, flat roofs can be used for other utilitarian purposes. Roof patios are one popular way of using flat roofs, and rooftop gardens and swimming pools are on the rise.

Are you constructing or renovating a property in Glenview, Naperville, or Northbrook that is in need of a new roof? If you would like to enjoy the advantages described in this article, a flat roof may prove ideal for you. Flat or pitched, Apex Exteriors can help you get more from your roof. To learn about our installation process or the materials we use, call (888) 884-1328 today.

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