Whether you’re looking to increase your home’s value for a quick sale or are simply looking to give your home a little more curb appeal, upgrading your home’s exterior is a great way to start. There are many different upgrades available that will make your home more beautiful, comfortable, and valuable. Here are four exterior upgrades that you should consider for your home in the Glenview, Naperville, or Northbrook areas.


Your old and drafty windows are not just unsightly, they’re also very energy inefficient. New windows are a great way to enhance your home’s exterior while also keeping your home’s interior more comfortable and lowering your energy costs. Choose from high-quality vinyl windows or wooden frames for a more classic look.

Home Siding

Your siding plays a huge role in defining your home’s overall look and feel. Choosing a high-quality siding material that is professionally installed can make your house look brand new. Choose from durable cement board siding, vinyl siding, or sound-dampening solid-core siding for great results.


Your roof is easily the most important component of your home’s exterior. A well-maintained roof can dramatically increase your home’s value, as well as its energy efficiency, protection from leaks, and other types of roof failure. Hiring qualified roofers to maintain or install your roof ensures that you’ll get great performance for the entire lifespan of your roof.


Another important component of your home’s exterior is your gutter system, which carries water away from your home’s perimeter. A well-functioning gutter system is crucial to avoid damage to your landscaping and foundation. Gutters can also assist in rain harvesting for watering your lawn and garden.

To learn more about additional benefits of upgrading your windows, siding, roofing, or gutters, contact Apex Exteriors today. Our expert roofers and home exterior specialists can help you make your home beautiful and comfortable with the very best in exterior upgrades. Call (847) 961-4601 to learn more about our roofing, siding, window, and door replacement services.

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