One of the most important parts of your home’s roofing is the gutter system. Your gutters are critical in controlling and catching flowing water as it lands on your roof and rolls off the edge. Unfortunately, your gutters lose effectiveness if they’re improperly installed or filled with debris. Let’s look at why proper gutter installation and maintenance is important.

First, we’ll look at what ideal gutter installation entails: Gutters are installed using several different components, each of which is necessary to ensure that the gutters stay attached to your roof. Gutters should be supported by hangers that are attached to the fascia boards underneath your roof. There should also be some flashing on the fascia that keeps water from coming in contact directly with the wood. Your gutters should also be secured to your roof with gutter spikes or screws and ferrules.

Proper installation ensures that gutters are more resistant to bending or bowing under the weight of high volumes of water. It’ll also be less likely to become detached from your roof or leak. Finally, gutters should quickly and effectively carry water away from your home, prevent any structural or cosmetic damage.

Gutter maintenance is a very simple task that yields great rewards. Over time, your gutters will become filled with leaves and other outdoor debris. The easiest way to remove this debris is by pushing it up, over, and out of the gutters by spraying it your garden hose at the highest setting. Don’t try to force debris down the gutters as this may cause the downspouts to clog.

Removing debris from the gutters will help minimize weight buildup—leaves and plant matter absorb water very quickly and clog your downspouts, causing your gutters to flood and sag.

For high quality gutter installation and maintenance, contact Apex Exteriors. Our roofers serve homeowners in Naperville, Glenview, Northbrook and Middleton, Wisconsin with excellent roofing and gutter service. We also specialize in siding and replacement windows. Call (847) 961-4601 to learn more about our comprehensive home exterior services.

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