Even the most durable roofing components are susceptible to damage over time. As a homeowner, do you wish to do your best to ensure that the roof protecting you from sometimes volatile and extreme climatic elements? Read on to acquaint yourself with some of the more common problems that befall roofs in Chicago’s western suburbs so that you can identify damage to your roof early on, while repairs are still fairly easy and economical.

Broken Shingles

One of the most common forms of property damage that occurs during storms is shingle fracture. One or two broken shingles should not have much of an impact on the shelter your roof provides, but over time a few broken shingles can turn into a major issue. Unless you promptly attend to your broken shingles, it is only a matter of time before those around them begin to break as well.


Chicago’s moniker as “the Windy City” is well-earned. It has an average annual wind speed of more than 10 miles per hour. Since the city’s prevailing winds come from the West, it is not just those who live on or near Lake Michigan who are subject to high winds. If your roof’s flashing has been properly installed, day-to-day winds should not be a problem. If your roof’s flashing was properly installed, however, you may step out of your home after a windstorm to find pieces of broken shingle strewn about your lawn.


Roof leaks are an especially unsettling problem, as they can expose various elements of a home’s foundation to moisture, spurring mold spore growth and causing water damage. If you do not hire a roofer to attend to a roof leak early on, your roof may be compromised to the extent that a full-scale replacement becomes necessary. In addition, the existence of mold and mildew constitute a health hazard that should be dealt with in a timely manner.

Does your Naperville, Northbrook, or Glenview roof need some attention? No matter the extent or type of damage it has sustained, Apex Exteriors can return it to full functionality. To speak with an experienced roofing contractor about our roof repair and replacement services, call (888) 884-1328.

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