What better way to get your yard in tip top shape for the upcoming season then by dusting off and breaking out the old lawn mower. Once you get it fine tuned and purring like a kitten you can feel great knowing that you will have another year of no mow worries about the upkeep… Now the hardest part will be figuring out a way to have one of your kids or neighbors mow the lawn for you while you watch from your new Naperville (or any northern Chicago area) vinyl wood windows that Apex Ext recently installed, sipping on an ice cold beverage that was shaken, and not stirred.

Check The Oil

One of the biggest ways to keep your lawn mower in tip top shape and last for years to come would be to check the oil. If it is really dark in color it is a sign that it is time to change it out before you start your mowing season. Fresh clean oil will be lighter in color.

Air Filters

Lawn mowers can have air filters just like cars and now would be the perfect time to check and make sure it is still good. Do you remember the movie Honey I shrunk the kids? If so, then you can remember when the lawn mower scene took place and how catastrophic it was to witness. The environment can cause a lot of damage to your lawn mower with all the dust debris that gets inside. To help keep its longevity, clean or replace your mowers filter depending on the model of your lawn mower.

Blade Sharpening

One of the biggest things that will affect the performance of your lawn mower is your blade underneath. The blade will go through a lot abuse from hitting rocks or even those dang sprinkler heads. The blade needs to stay sharp so it doesn’t tear your grass and leave the tips of the grass brown. When this happens it means you need to sharpen your blade so it can cut the grass. So remember dull mean tearing grass Sharp means cutting grass. Some places will sharpen the blades for you; you can also get a replacement blade from your local hardware store.

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