October is the perfect time to tackle your maintenance projects in the home that will keep you and your family safe and comfortable during the winter.

Here are eight maintenance projects to consider:

1. Check Your Furnace and Filters.

Give your HVAC system or furnace a complete tune up. Make sure your filter is clean and new. You should replace your furnace filter every 3 month.

2. Look at Your Water Heater.

Is your water heater efficient? You could save up to 35{4c8fd0987a672ac4f7f6915f4c64b1fcd7534767d6f45f4e3d72857a7b8808b2} on your water heating expenses by upgrading to a new more efficient one. If you haven’t already, you can also lower your water heater’s thermostat to 120 degrees to also reduce heating costs.

3. Inspect Your Roof.

Look for lose, damaged or missing shingles. While your ladder is out, you can clean out those gutters too. Learn more about inspecting your roof from our blog post here. Repairing any roof issues now can prevent costly repairs later on. Give us a quick call to set up an appointment for one of our expert roofers to inspect your roof and address any issues you may have.

4. Window Drafts?

You could be losing heat through your windows. Check your windows from the outside and look where the casing meets your home siding. Scrape out any dried or brittle caulk and re-apply a fresh beat of paint-able acrylic latex. On the inside you can add a new weathering strip. We also provide vinyl or wood window replacement which includes removal of your old window and correctly installing your new window with your preferred layout giving you reliable results for blocking drafts and even reducing noise.

5. Scan Over Your Exterior Paint.

Do an inspection around the outside of your home looking over your siding. Spy for signs of blistering or peeling paint. Conditions like this can cause your siding to deteriorate. If needed, scrape and repaint. Feel free to call your siding experts here at Apex as well. We can give you the best siding replacement available.

6. Complete Home Insulation Check.

Along with canvassing your attic insulation for full coverage, scout out the weather stripping on your outside doors including your garage door. Sealing up these cracks now can save you money on your winter heating bills.

7. New Batteries in Your Home Detectors.

Go ahead and just replace all the batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home.

8. Take Down A/C Unit.

If you have a window air conditioner, now is a good time to take it down and store it. If you do have a unit that you want to keep installed, then be sure to provide a protective insulated cover.

9. Winterize Your Outside Water Faucets.

Avoid broken pipes and leaks this winter by insulating your exterior faucets. Locate your outside faucets and shut the water off, draining any excess water from the pipe. See here for detailed instructions. Then cover your faucet with an insulation cover. You may also want to consider wrapping any indoor under-sink pipes in your home with insulation if they are in areas of your home less heated. Also, drain and store your garden hoses for winter.

10. Mind Your Thermostat.

Try turning down heat a bit this winter when you leave your home. You can save from 1 to 3{4c8fd0987a672ac4f7f6915f4c64b1fcd7534767d6f45f4e3d72857a7b8808b2} on your heating bill per degree that you turn it down. Consider investing in a programmable thermostat to make it simpler. The typical family can save up to $180. per year doing this.

Call your Arlington Heights Siding Window Replacement experts here at Apex. We would be happy to assist with any winter preparation projects you need, serving the North and Northwest Chicagoland area.

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