Now is the Perfect Time to Reside Your Home

If the cosmetic industry could find a product that would PROMISE to erase wrinkles of age, replace scarred skin, and last for decades, investors would be lining up and consumers would be ecstatic! The construction business has such a product, and it’s available to homeowners everywhere who seek “curb appeal”, more value, and longer life for their homes. It is called vinyl siding. As we know it today, vinyl siding entered the market around 1970 as a man-made product to replace aluminum siding. It promised durability, flexibility, efficiency, beauty, and a whole lot of other things. Thru the years, vinyl siding has made good on these promises, and today’s homeowner knows it’s one of the best options available on the market.

Choosing a Siding

Whether storms, sun, moisture, or simply age damages the outside of a house makes little difference; the need for something durable brought the vinyl product. It is resistant to weather with an ability to expand and contract to temperatures. Vinyl siding does not peel, flake, or crack. It is practically maintenance free, with color so deep it doesn’t need painting.

Vinyl siding clings to the surface and offers insulation to the inside. Almost the top virtue is its price, making it very affordable for most homeowners. There are several things a homeowner should consider when selecting a vinyl siding. If there is already vinyl siding on the home, it needs to be removed. However, vinyl siding can be installed over old wood or masonic siding depending on the structure of the original. There are also different grades of vinyl siding, such as builder’s grade and premium siding, so it’s important that you talk with your contractor to make sure you’re using what’s best for your home.

Vinyl siding’s ability to increase curb appeal and raise your home value, while providing a maintenance free look for with a many year warranty, makes it a fairly easy decision.

Choosing a Look

Proper installation is extremely important, regardless of the vinyl siding grade. The outside temperature must be considered for vinyl since grow and shrink up to an inch. Installation that does not allow for such expansion will cause warping and rupture, so it’s best to hire a professional contractor, such as Apex Exteriors, Inc. to install vinyl siding.

There are many colors and textures of vinyl siding to choose from, and since the color is dyed during the manufacturing process, it is deep, never fading and does not require repainting. Vinyl siding can be repainted, but due to how it reacts to heat can only be painted a similar tone. It’s important to carefully pick your vinyl siding color because of that.

Living the Life

Maintaining vinyl siding is very easy. It seldom needs repair and if it does crack, it is easily fixed. It does not need painting and cleaning is fairly easy with the right tools. It can be washed, scrubbed, or simply hosed down with a hose. You’ll love how easy caring for the exterior of your home is once you make the switch to vinyl siding.

If you are ready to make the change to vinyl siding Apex Exteriors, Inc. is the perfect place to start. Our highly skilled contractors have years of experience with vinyl siding installations and our prices are affordable. To get started contact us.

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