Do you have a leak in your roof? A leaky roof never happens at the ideal time, and if left unattended, can lead to more significant damage to your home’s interior. Uncovering the source of your leak can be quite the challenge as the damage outside doesn’t often match where you find the leaks coming in on the inside of your home.

Finding the source of a roof leak is really a process of elimination. There could be many factors that contribute to a leak and it may not be the direct result of any one singular problem.

Best Conditions To Investigate a Roof Leak

  • If you can actually see the leak as it is occurring, that is most ideal. Tracing the leak back to the source is best when you visually see the leak happening. Roof leaks can also be found through stains, but that does not let you know the whole story.
  • If you can trace a leak during a snow or rain storm, that can help you find the source. If not, you might try a water test on your roof by saturating the area in question with a lawn hose for several minutes and see where the leak happens in your home.

Locating The Source of the Roof Leak

  1. First, find the leak on the exterior of your home. Make sure that the source of the leak is truly the result of the roof leak and not from another problem inside your home, like drains, plumbing, condensation, etc.
  2. After you know for sure that the leak is from an issue with your roof, take a measurement from the area of the leak in your living space from 2 main points. Once you have determined that the leak is caused by a roof related issue, measure the location of the leak in the living space from two fixed points that extend through your ceiling to your roof or attic space.
  3. Climb into your attic and find the leak source on the underneath area of your roof using the measurements you took from your living space. Analyze the leak noting the surface where it is dripping from. Where the actual leak comes through your roof into your attic could be a little different than the location that it is appearing inside your home, so you may need to open your attic search area wide to find it.
  4. Take a measurement of the spot where the water is coming in your attic space from two fixed points. Look for fixed points like chimney’s, vents or vent pipes for bathrooms. If these are not available, conduct your measurements from the 2 perpendicular exterior walls.
  5. Cautiously get on your roof and use the measurements you took from your attic space to the surface of your roof, adjusting for depth of overhangs and exterior walls.
  6. Find the general area where the leak is coming in your attic. Then work outward in uniform circles from the area where you have determined the leak is happening. Keep in mind that any area of your roof that is open is an area for water to come in your home, including any opening in roofing materials.

Effective Roof Leak Repairs

For a most effective roof leak repair, it is best to call in a professional from Apex Exteriors, who has experience in all types of roofing repairs and can fix the leak permanently. Right now, you can use this $500. off coupon to save money. We can determine where the leak is from and repair damage that you may not even have known about, which can reduce the chance of mold later on. We service Arlington Heights with roof repair and several other areas around Chicagoland. Give us a call today.

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