What Makes Engineered Stone Veneer the Most Preferred Choice in Stone Veneer?

Whether it be walking past your favorite store or admiring the decor of a neighbor, you have seen and loved manufactured stone veneer, even if you haven’t yet realized it. Engineered stone veneer veneer is often the most preferred choice in the Chicagoland area, for home and business owners who want to stand out from other properties with generic and bland siding. So when you stop and wonder what stone veneer is, look around because it is usually all around you.

Engineered Stone Veneer the Most Preferred Choice in Stone Veneer

Manufactured stone veneers are Local Portland Cement and aggregates mixed with oxides to bring out the color. Once mixed together, it is poured into a mold to create the pieces. The main reason manufactured stone veneers truly stand out is because of the unmatched similarity they have to real stones. This allows for your siding to have an authentic stone beauty without the hassle of blending real stone into your exterior. Out of all of the different types of exterior stone veneer, why should engineered stone veneer be your choice when looking to class up your home or business?

The Innovative Designs of Engineered Stone Veneer Exteriors

The Innovative Designs of Engineered Stone Veneer Installation in Chicago

While engineered stone veneer has been popular for homeowners looking to add appeal with an outdoor fireplace or other fixtures, it looks just as good if not better on the side of your home or building. Engineered stone veneer exteriors can blend with other outdoor fixtures and the home’s overall aesthetic with many options to choose from various styles, shapes, sizes, and colors of engineered stone veneer, you are in complete control.

Top Benefits of Engineered Stone Veneer for your Home Exterior Renovation Project

Top Benefits of Using Engineered Stone Veneer for your Chicago Home Exterior Renovation Project

These chic manufactured veneers are made with unparalleled craftsmanship cast-fit to add the appearance of a real stone wall to building exteriors. The look of a stone accent wall will enhance the beauty of your future home or commercial design projects. While we love the look that manufactured engineered stone veneer brings to the table, there are so many other reasons that put this type of siding above others.

• Very Lightweight

• Lowered Maintenance

• Affordable Siding Solution

• Long Lasting Durability & Longevity

• Improved Protection

• Adds Insulation

• Versatile Uses

• Easier Installation

• Realistic Aesthetics

• Multiple Designs

Engineered Stone Veneer – Exterior Color & Shaping Consistency

One of the main things that separate manufactured stone veneer and natural stone siding is consistency. When adding natural stone to your exterior, it will be nearly impossible to find rocks that are the same shape and size and complement each other well. The high-tech manufacturing of engineered stone veneer allows all molds to blend well with each other creating a unified look.

Just like the size and shape of each individual natural stone, it is extremely difficult to find stones with the same color. This impossible task will leave you spending more money and time trying to make sure that the outside of your home looks right. With engineered stone veneer, you just need to pick out the color and design and one of our professional Apex Exterior technicians will come right to your property and install it.

Cultures Stone’s Unmatched Performance

When it comes to the Illinois changing seasons, you need a siding that you can depend on to withstand the elements. Natural stone will chip and crumble easily, especially during tough winter nights and intense rainstorms. Manufactured engineered stone veneer is more durable and can leave you spending less on repairs and replacements.

The Cost-Effectiveness of Engineered Stone Veneer Exteriors

Compared to natural stone, the time and money you will spend looking for the perfect look for your siding will be significantly less. In addition, engineered stone veneer is more durable, leading to less need for calling the experts for quick fixes or complete replacement. We know how important a beautiful curbside appeal is, and you rarely have to worry about that being tarnished with manufactured engineered stone veneer.

One of the best and most cost-effective things about engineered stone veneer is the ease of installation. While we recommend only letting the certified technicians at Apex Exteriors install your new culture stone siding, the time and equipment needed to place the engineered stone veneer are significantly less than other siding options.

Choose your Chicagoland Engineered Stone Panels with Apex Exteriors

Choose your Chicagoland Engineered Stone Panels at Apex Exteriors

When it comes to your home or commercial exterior project, you want the absolute best materials and a team to be there throughout the entire process. From the moment you arrive, one of our specialists will guide you through all of the different options you have to choose from, giving you advice on what will blend with your property the best. Then, once you select your affordable engineered stone veneer with superior quality control, a team of our installation technicians will arrive at your property to quickly and carefully install the stone, paying attention to every little detail.

Engineered Stone Veneer Maintenance

Engineered Stone Veneer - Installation Company in Chicago
Apex has the perfect solution to add the warmth and elegance of stone to your home or office for just a fraction of the cost. Engineered stone veneer is a popular and beautiful alternative to real stone. Stone has true color throughout enhancing and defining your property’s appearance. Even more, choosing engineered stone veneer adds durability and protects your property from the harsh elements.

Engineered Stone Veneer Veneer Exterior Siding in the Greater Chicago Area

stone veneer - home exterior stone & veneer siding
Call Apex Exteriors today and find out how the use of engineered stone veneer compliments your home or business, adding a timeless feel. The Apex experts will help you created a customized solution just right for you. We would love to walk around your home and integrate your ideas with the many choices that are available to you.
We have exceptional products with a variety of engineered stone veneer colors and textures, providing you with countless ways to create beautiful custom looks, like the ones that are shown below:


Tailored Stone –Beautiful, timeless look,
simple design


Dress Field Stone

Rugged look and feel,
rich textures



Classic, natural beauty at an
affordable price


Granite / River Rock

Bold, rugged with warm

For More Information on Engineered Stone Veneer Exterior Solutions in Chicagoland – Contact Apex Exteriors to Book a Consultation

With so many options, we realize it may be difficult to decide what you want. To ensure tailored stone siding options your complete satisfaction, let us offer our expertise to help bring your vision to reality. Be part of the many home and business owners who choose engineered stone veneer as their preferred stone veneer in Chicago. Apex Exteriors is the most reliable exterior company in the Chicagoland area to provide and install manufactured engineered stone veneer. When you are ready to add value and beauty to your property, contact Apex Exteriors.


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