What’s a Rain Barrel?

It’s pretty simple. Rain barrels collect rain water runoff from your gutters. You can make your own or talk to Apex about our great rain barrels.

Why Would I Want One?

Collecting rain water is an eons-old tradition. Archaeologists have found clay rain collectors that are 2,000 years old or so all over the world. Why? Because water is so important to life.

Granted, you probably won’t be using your rain barrel to collect drinking water. But rain water is perfect for watering gardens, watering lawns, cleaning cars- it’s basically an infinite supply of soft water.

Not to mention it’s completely green. Using rain water reduces the draw on city water supplies. The EPA says it can save homeowners 1,300 gallons over the summer. How awesome is that?

If you want to do your lawn, your city, your world, and yourself a favor, call Apex about a rain barrel today!


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