Your attic is either your friend or your enemy when it comes to keeping your home comfortable. An insulated attic helps keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. However, a poorly insulated attic allows a great deal of heat transfer and drives up your energy bills. Attic insulation issues may also lead to moisture problems. Call a professional about your attic problems if you notice the issues below.

Busted or Leaky Pipes

If one or more attic pipes busted or sprung a leak after an overnight freeze, your attic insulation may be to blame. Proper insulation should prevent attic pipes from freezing over. When any amount of water enters your attic, a whole host of problems may arise.

Moist Attic

Consider moisture your attic’s number one enemy. If you notice your attic is moist, a pipe or roof leak could be the culprit. Moisture build-up leads to wood rot, warping, structural damage, and even health problems from toxic mold growth. A professional who specializes in roofing repairs and attic insulation should be contacted immediately.

Higher Energy Bills

A poorly insulated attic sends your energy bills through the roof, literally. Hot air escapes in the winter and rushes in during the summer. Have your attic checked out if your energy bills are too high. You can detect signs of a serious attic insulation problem after a winter snow. If there are areas of your roof with no snow, it is likely that warm air is escaping through your attic and melting the snow in those areas.

Black Fiberglass Insulation

Blackened fiberglass insulation is an indication of an air leak between the house and the attic, a condition which negatively affects your home’s thermal efficiency. Over time, the insulation collects dust, moisture, and other particles from the leak, discoloring it in the process. Call a professional to find the leak and patch it up.

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