Energy-efficient improvements to your home can add appeal in more than one way. For example, replacement windows not only improve the thermal performance of your house, but they add a high degree of visual appeal. Your front door is no different, and may even have a larger impact on the value of your home. Front doors are often called the face of a home, and provide the all-important first impression to guests and potential buyers alike. Here is a quick look at choosing a new front door and the value it can offer:

Your old front door probably can’t compare to the technology and quality of the energy-efficient doors available today. Beautiful doors from manufacturers like ThermaTru can provide the best materials at reasonable cost, which allow homeowners to enjoy gorgeous new doors that offer added benefits like high thermal performance. When seeking a new door, it is important to look at Energy Star and NFRC labels that identify a door’s energy performance characteristics.

Your climate will have different requirements, and your fenestration and siding specialist can help you choose the right door for your home based upon its performance and its appearance. A door that is well suited to your home’s architecture will provide a complete, unified look that increases the attractiveness of your home.

Energy efficiency is very important, but so is the overall appearance of your new door. Quality door manufacturers offer a range of options including energy-efficient materials, color choices, and window options. Choose a door that is unique, but that suits your individual tastes. It can add a degree of character to your home that helps you stand out from the crowd and impress your guests.

At Apex Exteriors, we are a lot more than roofers. We can transform the appearance of your home with new doors, windows, and siding as well. Enjoy increased energy efficiency and lower utility bills while giving your home in entirely new look. Call us at (847) 961-4601 to find out how a new door can change the face of your home today.

Last Updated on February 23, 2018 by ApexRoofingServices

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