Will My Roof Endure Chicago’s Heavy Snow? How Do I Prepare?

It may still be October; however, it is never too late to start preparing your roof for winter/ As the days get shorter and the night becomes cooler, it may be time for you to contact the experts to inspect your roof. Before you know it, those harsh Illinois winters will be right on our doorstep, so you need to ask yourself if your roof will endure Chicago’s heavy snow and how you can be prepared. Winter is going to put your roof to the test; there, keep reading to learn how to get your roof ready and when it may be time to call a specialist.

Get Your Gutters Serviced

When you think about the integrity of your roof, your gutters may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, they are just as essential to protecting your roof and property’s integrity as much as any other component of your roof. Leaves, pine needles, and other obstructions in your gutters block snow from melting and other precipitation from running away from the house. Any water blocked or left in the gutters could potentially freeze and put immense strain on the gutter system. Too much water will cause the gutter system to fall.

Keeping your gutters in the best shape is key to preparing your roof before the intense winter weather. Without a properly functioning gutter system, water can get backed up, causing damage to the roof and, eventually, the interior of your home or building. So while you should make sure your gutters are cleaned out every couple of months, you should contact the experts before the cold and snow arrive.

Keep an Eye on the Inside of your Ceiling Regularly

Keep an Eye on the Inside of your Ceiling Regularly

The last thing you want is to ignore the signs and have your roof cave in because of the heavy weight of the snow. Therefore, you should look at the inside of your ceilings closely to see if there are any moisture marks that leave yellow, brown, or gray colors. These unwanted marks can lead to soft spots, which are a clear sign of a possible roof leak. When you notice these, it is crucial you contact a roofing specialist.

Waiting too long to get help for this particular problem will only worsen the water damage. Leaks and soft spots can be costly and a serious health hazard for those inside. Additionally, if water gets into the walls, it could lead to black mold. Therefore, look up every once in a while just to make sure.

Trim Trees Surrounding Your Property

When branches from surrounding trees fall and break, they have the potential to scratch your shingles. The shingles that have been scratched and damaged can loosen when weighed down by Chicago’s heavy snow, and even small holes can be created. You can prevent this by safely trimming trees and removing branches close to your property or hanging over the roof. Don’t wait because you only have a few more weeks to make this project happen!

Look for Damage to Your Shingles

Will My Roof Endure Chicago's Heavy Snow? How Do I Prepare?

Speaking of damaged shingles, carefully inspecting them is a great idea. Over the summer, your roof takes a beating. After the summer sun bakes your roof drying out shingles, summer storms bring heavy rain and high winds. Material roofing like Asphalt shingles has individual granules designed to protect the roof from the sun’s UV rays. When the granules come off, the UV rays severely damage the asphalt. During a heavy stone, water and debris can get underneath these shingles, causing serious damage to your ceiling. Basic visual inspection can be done safely from the ground; here are some easy steps:

  1. Check that the color of your roof is consistent. Any unusually light or dark patches can indicate areas where granules have come off.
  2. Inspect the texture of the roof, as it should also be uniform across the roof.
  3. Check for any inconsistencies, as they can be signs of damaged shingles that are bowing, curling, or coming loose.

Schedule Your Yearly Inspection

While there are plenty of ways to ensure that your roof has not experienced any damage and to prevent serious and costly issues from happening, there is nothing better than calling an expert. A professional inspection from specialists knows everything there is about roofing needs and can easily provide a solution to any damage before winter hits. Additionally, they can help provide you with expert tips and preventative measures. Inspections should be done at least once a year.

Contact Apex Exteriors to Help Prepare your Roof for Winter

Whether you are looking for a serious repair, replacement, quick fix, or a yearly inspection, Apex Exteriors has the crew, tools, and knowledge to help. With over 30 years of roofing experience, they can help you with everything from a small leak to a completely new roof. So schedule your free estimate today and learn more about the variety of commercial and residential services they offer.

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